Do I need landlord insurance?

We would strongly recommend a landlord’s home insurance. The landlord insurance not only covers the walls, roof, permanent fixtures and fittings but also can cover

What is HMO?

An HMO, or Houses in Multiple Occupation is a property rented to at least 3 tenants that share common areas, like kitchen and bathroom. A

What is property SPV?

An SPV, or a Special Purpose Vehicle, is a way of investing in property through a limited company. The company owns the properties and pays

What is a rental cover ratio?

The rental cover ratio shows how much the rental income covers the mortgage payments. A rental cover ratio of 1.5 or 150% would cover the

What is a consumer buy to let mortgage?

A consumer buy-to-let mortgage is when a person becomes an ‘accidental landlord’. This is due to circumstances, rather than intentional investment. This can happen in

What is buy to let mortgage?

An investment buy-to-let mortgage is when a person buys property as an investment, rather than a place to live. This type of mortgage is more