Green mortgages

Green mortgages – what is it and is it worth it? A green mortgage is a label used for mortgages that offer preferential terms for properties that are energy-efficient, for example, achieve energy efficiency rating (EPC) of A or B. Those deals have been around for a few years but in recent months we have seen an increase in the numbers of lenders offering such deals. Green mortgages are most… Read More »Green mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages – getting the mortgage with bad credit history Getting a mortgage with bad credit history can be difficult. If you had a history of missed payments, defaults, County Court Judgments (CCJ), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) or bankruptcy, it will be shown on your credit report for a minimum of 6 years. Can I get a mortgage with bad credit? In most cases, yes but there will be… Read More »Bad credit mortgages

Guide to the property surveys for home buyers.

You have found the property you love; you have the mortgage in principle and arranging the solicitors to move with the purchase of your dream home. You think all is done until you hear the dreaded question – have you arranged the property survey yet? I have heard many people struggle with the idea of actually “needing” the property survey. Why? It looks ok, they say. The property might look… Read More »Guide to the property surveys for home buyers.

The importance of life insurance.

5 reasons why you need life insurance. Insurance can be confusing and mind-boggling when it some to choosing the right one. As protection advisors we hear you, we know how difficult it could be to decide what do you need and can afford. We prepared a short guide below and 10 reasons why insurance is the most important thing you buy. To protect your loved ones If your loved ones… Read More »The importance of life insurance.

Mortgages for self-employed and contractors

Are you self-employed looking for a mortgage? It might be more difficult to arrange a mortgage if you are self-employed or contracting then it is when you are employed. The lenders will want to see that you have steady income and are reliable borrower, to do so, they will require more documents. What counts as self-employed? To be classified as self-employed, you would be sole trader, contractor, CIS contractor or… Read More »Mortgages for self-employed and contractors

First Home Scheme

First Homes Scheme

The government has announced the trial of a new first-time buyer initiative called First Homes, where the new property will be available to purchase at a discount of up to 50%. First Homes is a part of the government’s affordable homes pledge and will be rolled out in England from the 28th of June, after a trial taking place in Derbyshire. What is the First Homes Scheme? The First Home… Read More »First Homes Scheme

Property SPV

Investing in property through SPV

What is a limited company property SPV? SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) is an increasingly popular way to invest in property. An SPV is a limited company, usually with the SIC codes specified below, with shareholders and board of directors. The essential difference between individual ownership and the SPV is in the way the property is administered. How Property SPV works? In the SPV, the property is registered in the name… Read More »Investing in property through SPV

Home buying guide

20 Things to know before buying a house

Don’t get caught, read our handy guide to buying your first house. Buying a house can be stressful and time-consuming. Below we are listing 20 things to remember while taking your exciting journey to home-ownership.  You will need money for additional costs. Have extra cash ready. Save with ISA and get a government bonus. Lenders will be checking your credit history. Your credit score is very important, but don’t worry… Read More »20 Things to know before buying a house