Fixed-Fee Packages

For those who only want financial Guidance

To simplify our offering
we offer fixed-fee advice-only packages

These services do not include product recommendations, setting up New policies and annual reviews, which are priced separately.

Financial Plan and Cashflow

£ 1,950
  • Full financial plan and analysis
  • Cashflow forecasting (up to 3 options)
  • Guidance to meet your goals
The Big one

Power Hour Consultation

£ 195
  • Ad-hoc advice whenever you need it
  • Topic of your choice
  • Coaching plan available

Financial Health-Check

£ 624*
  • Setting up financial objectives
  • Cashflow analysis and report
  • Generic recommendations

A Passion For Financial Stability.

Our Fees

We provide you with an initial consultation at our cost. This helps us to understand your financial objectives and will confirm how we can support you in working towards these. We will also discuss the cost and levels of our services initially and throughout our relationship with you.

We charge our services by way of a fee. These fees are based either on a fixed-fee, hourly rate, a percentage of the amount you invest, or a combination of all of the above. If you choose one of the plans above, they do not include services like transfers, pension consolidations or setting up new policies, like pensions, ISAs, or investment accounts.

"Price is What you Pay, Value is What You Get" - Warren Buffett

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

You can seek financial guidance from MoneyHelper, which includes PensionWise, or Citizen Advice Bureau, which is free of charge. Current FCA rules do not allow Financial Advisers to get paid a commission on pensions and investments so they will always charge a fee. The fee will depend on the service provided and the complexity. We offer free initial consultation to see if we can help you and present with the cost of the advice before undertaking any work.

We can help you consolidate the pensions and prepare a new pension plan. However, we will do our research first to see if there is a good reason to do so and to find a best solution going forward. Not everyone should consolidate their pensions and we will guide you throughout the process to see if you would benefit from consolidation. 

To start, we will ask you a lot of questions, this is to assess your circumstances and come up with the best course of action. We will arrange a meeting and gather information in a document called Fact Find, which will help us to decide what is the right product for you. We will provide recommendations and if you decide to go with this, we will arrange all the paperwork for you.

Yes! We can help you to find your way into investments, pensions, savings and home ownership or help you start investing in properties. We can help you find your way into investing, whether through ISA, bonds or property. We can help you to plan for your retirement, save for your children or minimise your inheritance tax liabilities.

There are a few reasons why would you go with the adviser instead of going on your own. Firstly, we are whole of market advisers and have access to thousands of funds and hundreds of products that are not available directly to client. Secondly, we are making the process less stressful and effortless for you. We will chase the pension providers, spend time on the phone to pursue your case and arrange all documents for you for a fuss-free process. Thirdly, (but in our opinion, the most important) our job is to find the right product for you that will fit your investment profile. We will research providers, products and funds for you to invest in, we will provide annual reviews, recommendations and rebalancing for your portfolio. We will try to help you stay on track to achieve your financial goals, and most importantly financial freedom.

Our fees depend on how complicated is the case and will be assessed at the time of the first appointment. The charges for investment and pension advice will be agreed upon the first consultation and can be based on fixed-fee, hourly rate, a percentage of the amount invested, or combination of all of the above.