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Level term insurance

Lever term insurance will pay a specific lump sum during the term of your life insurance policy.

Funeral Funding

Funeral Funding is automatically included with a £300 contribution added by Golden Charter (OneFamily policies)


Whole-of-life cover is valid your whole life, no matter when you pass away. It is a guaranteed life insurance policy.

Over 50 Life Insurance Cover

Do you want peace of mind knowing your family will have less financial burden if the worst were to happen? An over 50 life assurance cover can deliver just that.


What is over 50 life insurance?

Over 50 Life insurance is an insurance policy that pays out a lump sum in case of the death or terminal illness of the insured person, after qualifying period. It is designed for people aged 50 to 80 and is a whole-of-life policy, this means it is guaranteed for the whole life.

Benefits of life assurance policy

  • Terminal illness cover as a standard in most policies
  • Funeral cover available
  • Premium starts from as little as £10 per month
  • Possibility to reduce the cost of the premium
  • Additional benefits available like bereavement support or will writing
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Premiums cease at age 90 but cover continues for the remainder of the policyholder’s life

How much insurance cover do I need?

It depends on how much you can afford to pay per month. For example, a £30 per month for a 60-year-old non-smoker can provide a guaranteed cover of £7,590. Contact us for an immediate quote.

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