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Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Do you want peace of mind knowing that if you fall ill or lose your job you can pay your mortgage? A Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance can deliver just that, with options to cover a variety of needs.


What is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

Mortgage Payment Protection is an insurance policy that provides a monthly sum to cover your mortgage payments for a specified period usually in case of illness or injury. Mortgage Payment Protection offers security in case of an illness that might not be critical but would stop you from going to work for a prolonged time and create a shortfall in your income to pay for the mortgage.

Benefits of Mortgage Payment Protection policy

Interest rates
  • Reassuring – your mortgage payments are protected and you will not fall behind the payment in case of sickness or redundancy
  • Peace of mind – the policy will pay up to 12 months of your mortgage payments
  • Typical pay-outs up to £2,000 per month towards your mortgage
  • Monthly premium to suit your budget
  • Almost immediate cover
  • Typical 30 days payout delay  
  • Many policies suitable for self-employed and contract workers 

Ask yourself:

What if you don’t have a critical illness, but suffer from long-term sickness or a disability that prevents you from working?

How long would your finances last to cover your mortgage payments if you are made redundant?

How quickly would you have to fall back on state benefits? And would they be enough to cover your mortgage payments?

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